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About Dennis.

Breed: Lurcher

Age: Approximately 4 years

Gender: Male

Dog Friendly?: Only with other Sighthounds

Cat Friendly?: No

Children Friendly?: Over 3 years old

Dennis has a pretty sad story...

Dennis came to us from our amazing friends at Eden Vets. He was handed into them by the police after poor Dennis was found in the back of a van after being involved a police chase. When the police found him, he was tethered by his neck and not in a good way. He was then taken to Eden vets where they wonderfully looked after him for a few days and got to work on helping him. The poor boy had ticks, fleas, sores, and scars all over him.

Once he had been given the all clear, Eden got in touch with us and asked if we could take him in, and of course we said yes.

On arrival at Cheshire Sighthound Rescue, Dennis instantly became a firm favourite with his amazing gentle kisses and kind nature. He literally always wants hugs - something which he's probably never had before.

Dennis has been on a trial in a new home but he decided he doesn’t really want to live with a pussy cat. He’s looking for a home with another Sighthound. He’s amazing at keeping clean in the house, loves a good walk, and is very affectionate and will give you a smile to brighten up your day.

Dennis is looking for a long term foster with view to adopt, because of his previous injury. He has been examined by the vets and physio's and they have concurred he is a bit weak on his back legs. He still runs around like a nutter but we have allowed for potential vet costs in allowing him to stay as a long term foster (but you can still adopt if you want to!).

We feel Dennis will recover better in at home as he’s getting stressed in kennels.

If you feel you want a little smiling cuddle-bug in your home, please apply for Dennis.

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