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Breed: Longdog (Saluki/Azawakh/Sloughi)

Age: 11 months

Gender: Female

Dog Friendly?: Only with other sighthounds

Cat Friendly?: No

Children Friendly?: Over 7 years old

About Esi.

Esi is an absolutely beautiful Longdog (cross of purebreed Sighthounds). We have actually known Esi since she was a tiny 2 week old puppy as she came with a litter of her brothers and sisters (we can tell you her lineage). She has been happily adopted and living in her forever home for months, however unfortunately she has succumbed to her natural instincts and can no longer live in the home she was in (where cows and sheep were in abundance!)

Esi now has a very high prey drive and is determined to hunt. She needs a home where someone understands high prey drive, and ideally, only has other Sighthounds with no other kinds of pets.

Her previous owners did a fantastic job with her and she is house trained, and used to run around 10km daily. 

Esi is young and active, but very sensitive and smart. She really needs a family that has previous experience of the breed, ideally.

You will get so much love and joy from this girl. We would love to see her in a home soon, but it does have to be the right one.

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