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About Taz.

Breed: Lurcher

Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

Dog Friendly?: Only with dogs he knows

Cat Friendly?: No

Children Friendly?: Yes, he has lived with children before

Meet Taz!

Taz is a strikingly handsome Saluki x Greyhound. He is a lovely boy who is full of life and really is stunning. He is looking for his new forever home after being relinquished to us from his previous owners.

He has lived with young children before and is very people-oriented and friendly.

Taz has also lived with lots of different breeds/sizes of dog so he is dog friendly with dogs he lives with. Taz's only foible is that if he is on-lead out in public, he becomes dog reactive. We are currently working on getting him muzzled trained and we are confident with a good routine and confident handler, this can easily be worked on.


Taz is absolutely incredible in a home environment and perfect in every way according to his foster family. He is house-trained, friendly, and loves cuddles. Having some Saluki in him means he is also a great conversationalist and has a funny personality.

If you think you like the sound of Taz, and are willing to work with his on-lead skills, please apply for him.

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