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About Brian.

Breed: Lurcher

Age: Approx 1 year

Gender: Male

Dog Friendly?: Yes

Cat Friendly?: No

Children Friendly?: Over 10 years old

Meet Brian!

Brian came to us a stray lurcher pup with a badly broken back leg. He has undergone extensive surgery on his leg, with lots of crate rest, constant cast changes, medication, vet visits, and physio. Brian is now walking on his leg and gaining more strength in it every day which is great.

Unfortunately, because we know nothing about Brian's first few months of life, how he came to break his leg, and because he has been on very strict crate rest for months, Brian has not seen much of the world. His wonderful foster parent has been showing him new experiences within the confines of his exercise restrictions, but Brian is certainly a wary little boy. Once he likes you, you become his world, but on initial meetings, he is a nervous boy. Due to his nervousness, he does also suffer with separation anxiety.

Brian's life is only just really starting after going through such an ordeal at such a young age. He is looking for a family that is understanding about his nervousness and can take the time to meet with him a few times while he gets comfortable. We think he would suit a home with another dog to keep him company and give him confidence. While he is in the final stages of his leg healing, he will be able to run around eventually though. Ideally, his new family would be around most of the time and have a keen understanding of sassy personalities as he is part Saluki after all! 

If you think you can give the time and effort needed to be part of this wonderful handsome boy's life, please apply.

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