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About Gordon.

Breed: Greyhound

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

Dog Friendly?: Yes (Larger breeds)

Cat Friendly?: No

Children Friendly?: Over 8 years old

Meet Gordon!

You can't help but feel so happy around Gordon, he is always wagging his tail and is just such a friendly boy. This lovely chap is looking for his forever home and you sure won't be disappointed taking him home.

We don't have much knowledge of Gordon's previous life so we are unsure of what he'd be like in some situations, however what we've seen of him so far is fantastic. You'd better stand clear of his tail though because it goes a mile a minute! 

Due to the fact Gordon is somewhat of a mystery, we are suggesting a home with children over 8 years old and due to the fact he will have been worked, larger breeds of dogs only and of course no cats. What you gain is a super people-friendly boy who loves his toys and makes you chuckle with his silly antics. He is also a snowflake coloured boy with little specks of white in his coat.

If you have space for Gordon and his waggy tail, please apply!

UPDATE: Gordon has been living with a foster family to give us an idea of what he is like in the home environment and the family have updated us on his progress. He is a very good boy in the house and he is currently living happily in the home with a small whippet-sized dog and a lurcher. He loves a good cuddle and is generally a super easy boy to look after!

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